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Recovering [Feb. 28th, 2011|02:59 pm]
[Current Mood |groggygroggy]

I'm home from the hospital (typing is slow, so I'll make this brief...)  The surgery went well.  The bone is pinned and the doc did reconstructive surgery on the nail bed, so everything should go back to looking normal.  No sickness from anethesia at all.  They gave me a dose of antibiotics with my IV to prevent bone infection.  They did have a little trouble with my IV at first.  Apparently my veins are tiny.  So I got poked twice, but it wasn't bad.  George picked me up and brought me home, bless him.  We stopped at CVS to fill my vicodin prescription.  I just have to remember to take the pills BEFORE the pain creeps back.  My right hand is almost completely bound.  I guess my middle finger is splinted and taped to my index finger, and then both those fingers are wrapped up in a dressing that also covers my palm and wrist.  The bandages have to stay on until a follow-up appointment next week.  So yeah, no work for me tomorrow.  I will be drugged up, and there's not much I'd even be able to do in the office with my hand bound like this.  Guess I'll be learning some left-handed drafting!

Now excuse me... I'm going to indulge in some comforting junk food and watch shitty daytime TV.  :-P