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Grandmother passed away... - The Ramblings of a Spinster in the Making [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Grandmother passed away... [Jul. 29th, 2013|12:06 am]
[Current Mood |discontentdiscontent]

This week has been a neverending shit storm.

My grandmother passed away yesterday.

I got a call from my mother on Thursday evening informing me that Grandma had sort of given up and was no longer eating and it was only a matter of time. Not shocking... she's been in decline for awhile... but such bad, bad timing.

I had literally just put Tom on a plane to Virginia that evening to attend HIS grandfather's funeral. His grandfather passed away earlier in the week. On top of his financial troubles due to a tax mix-up. And his sister's car broke down here in Waltham while he was trying to diagnose the problems she was having with it so they could get to the funeral. Thankfully their mother finally bought them plane tickets... because I was about to do it myself.

I thought the trouble was over. And then it was my turn.

So I got the call from my mom that night letting me know to be prepared. She and my aunt had to cut their vacation in Canada short to be with Grandma. I knew this was coming, but I was upset... alone in the apartment for the weekend. Friday morning I intended to go work a few hours to make up for time I took off to get Tom to the airport and to fax his tax paperwork for him. But the fates decided that I should have a fender bender in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot first. Not my fault. The dude backed right into me and dented my car inward over the rear driver's side wheel well. It will be taken care of in time. But still, not something I needed when I was on the verge of a breakdown already.

When I got to work, I lost my shit in front of the paint crew. Bawling to the point of choking and gagging. Really charming, I'm sure. I faxed Tom's papers, submitted an online claim to my car insurance, and explained my situation to Swetcky when he arrived at the shop. He told me to go home and play video games. So I did.

I went home, got under Tom's comforter that was still on the couch from his sister crashing with us, and played Skyrim for eight hours straight. I figured if I stayed inside, nothing else bad could happen to me. The comforter calmed me... smelled like Tom. I missed him terribly. He's the person I wanted a hug from the most.

Saturday, I did venture out... Swetcky invited me to Crane Beach with him, York, and Krystin. And I'm glad I went, even though I barely spoke. Getting outside was nice. I swam in the ocean. Felt good. Then of course I got sunburned because I forgot to reapply my sunscreen. But it was worth it. We visited the Crane Estate... where my damned shoe broke and set me off crying again for a minute. We got ice cream at Russell Orchards on our way back.

And that night, I called home to check in on how everyone was holding together, but nobody answered. My mother called me shortly after from her cell phone and told me that Grandma was gone. Grandma's brother Elmer had come to visit her, after which he went to dinner with my mother and my aunt, and while they were gone, Grandma let herself go. They had told her everyone was okay and she could go if she wanted. So she did.

I still don't know if they've told my grandfather yet. He's been staying in a nursing home recovering from a bout of anemia.

I'd already done my crying earlier, so I took my mother's news calmly. It's a relief her suffering is over. She wouldn't have wanted to go on that way.

Grandma's graveside memorial service will be next Sunday. I've already booked travel. I leave Friday and will be in the Northwest until early Monday morning. Pastor Ross is going to officiate the service and my mother is trying to get the string quartet to come play something.

Right now, I'm waiting up for Tom to return. He and his sister flew down to VA, but now he's driving back up with his dad and his brother Sean so they can attempt to fix Katherine's car. Sounds like everyone is crashing here tonight, but then their dad will stay with their aunt and uncle nearby, and Sean will continue to sleep on our couch... I guess until the car issue is resolved, however long that may be. They are supposed to show up any time now. I wouldn't be able to sleep until I knew they got here safely anyway, so I might as well wait to greet them.

George just got back after a weekend away with his girlfriend. He has offered me a ride to the airport on Friday. That will be nice...