The Ramblings of a Spinster in the Making

This is it, folks.

27 November 1983
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I've lived in the Boston area for a year, working for the American Repertory Theatre scene shop. I'm an official employee now (and paid like one, woot!) and spend most of my time as a scenic painter--except when I'm stolen away to be a carpenter at a load-in. My social life revolves around my coworkers, but I'm fine with that because they're totally awesome guys. I collect My Little Ponies like a madwoman, I obsessively check my LJ for comments and new friends posts, and I wear flip-flops whenever weather permits. I'm not a very talkative person (unless I've known you a long time), but I've been told that I'm pretty funny when I do choose to open my mouth. I play French horn, electric bass, flute, and dabble in keyboards/piano and guitar. I sing, too... but mostly in my car (which I had to leave back home in Washington).